Microsoft Windows 10 and Tekla BIMsight problem

Tekla BIMsight


When upgrading to Windows 10 (x64), Tekla BIMsight stopped working. BIMsight did open as usual, but models don’t seem to load properly. It seems only one object per model is loaded, rest ignored. Problem is with latest BIMsight 1.9.4 and Windows 10 with latest updates from Windows Update. There have been couple forum posts on Tekla Help Center, so problem seem to be universal.

It seems Microsoft did change something with .NET and Windows 10. However Tekla has not provided updated version yet. Luckily, problem can be fixed with simple edit to the registry.



1. Open Regedit

2. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework

3. Change “UseRyuJIT” value to 0

4. Restart machine and start BIMsight

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